A smart solution for the weakest link in your logistics

Supply chains today face major challenges – the increase in customer expectations, a boom in online shopping & e-commerce, novel retail approaches and just-in-time production. All of them put a serious strain on your warehouse yard and docks.

Warehouse management systems (WMS) have solved the problem of inefficient warehouses, while transportation management systems (TMS) did the same for supply chains and trucking organizations. However, the middle point, where the most delays tend to occur – the yard and its docks – remains unaddressed.

Our SmartDock solution is the missing link between WMS and TMS. Optimally matching shipments and deliveries with available resources – equipment, docks and people – it maximizes their utilization and minimizes congestion, using intuitive communication with truck drivers.

SmartDock is the all-in-one tool for managing your dock and yard in a smart way and integrating them with warehouse management and supply management systems. It connects docks, yards, warehouses, dispatch, expeditors and truck drivers.

SmartDock - Optimizing Dock and Yard Management


  • Regular
  • Priority
  • Rush
  • Foods & perishables
  • Unpredictable


  • Human resource management
  • Multiple dock management
  • Status communication
  • Specialized equipment
  • Process and cost optimization



Dock management was never easy. Logistics experts juggled regular and rushed deliveries with those that came early or late. Unpredictable suppliers, unregistered samples and unruly promotional items also unsettled plans. Multiple docks in a yard could be both a blessing and a burden. This never-ending list of variables, coupled with manual dock and yard planning, made errors unavoidable.


Warehouse executives now face new challenges, as the global supply chain grows more complex. Customers aren't willing to wait and the amount of deliveries just keeps increasing. New tech also lets everyone in the value chain demand to know the status of their goods. Digital disruption has the biggest effect: new tools have caused manufacturing, shipping, cross-docking, and warehousing to practically blend, forcing everyone to race to the bottom.


In state-of-the-art yards, specialized technology allows a flawless flow of shipments, with minimal errors. Smart operators can plan their resources better and optimize processes. They can also minimize risks and keep tight control of costs. Such full insight into the variables and an ability to manage them optimally is the essence of our smart dock and yard management solution - SmartDock.

  SmartDock’s multiple views offer quick entry and editing, as well as convenient management of all shipment data. The OneView screen allows you a full overview of your dock and yard status. It shows your planned deliveries in list and hourly modes, as well as complete detailed information of your selected shipment.  


Optimize dock booking

The multifaceted plant logistics solution allows you to book specific time slots for particular docks and shipments. This helps you to easily manage many shipments at once and avoid trucks missing their designated docks and times.

Track receipt of goods

Deliveries can arrive before or after their reserved time-frame. SmartDock provides quick and easy access to relevant information regarding a selected shipment, starting with arrival and up to the end of unloading or reloading.

Minimize truck downtime

Instead of trucks waiting unused in the yard, they can generate revenue by being rerouted and utilized effectively. The app uses a smart algorithm for automated shipment rescheduling.


  • Shipment data insight, with supplier, carrier, truck and driver info
  • Shipment tracking from arrival, through unloading, to departure
  • Shipment data creation, updating and editing
  • Quick switching between shipments overview and single shipment details
  • Inbound truck tracking
  • Simple dock enabling and disabling
  • Quick dock assignment
  • Optimized dock assignment and unload waiting times
  • Automatic & manual rescheduling to different times and/or docks
  • Timeline view, with customizable filters and options for viewing by shifts and days


  • Integrates smoothly with TMS and WMS
  • Supports a wide range of devices for coordination purposes and management
  • Real-time sync across all devices
  • Convenient centralised screen
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Quick & easy barcode scanning & registration
  • Simple issue data creation and image registration via user-friendly forms
  • Graphs and statistics showing supplier performance, promo item quantities and carrier data with enhanced filtering
  • Various reports with built-in PDF exporting


  • Real-time dock assignments and shipment status info available in the waiting area
  • Improved communication between truck drivers and yard staff
  • Better time management and movement planning for truck drivers from the comfort of your coffee corner
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