Single Customer View

A “panoramic” view of every single traveller

Some airlines have reinvented themselves as providers of unified travel experiences. Those airlines’ systems interact with customers from the moment they start exploring travel options, to when they engage with local businesses at their respective destinations.

These proactive airlines know just the right thing to offer to each of their customers, at countless opportune moments within their journeys, but also long before they pack for a trip and long after they unpack at home.


These customers only see the tip of the iceberg. An invisible infrastructure is at work here:  raw data about passengers feeds the machine learning, which enables personalization, targeted advertising and flexible payment scenarios, friendly chatbot conversations and intricate loyalty programs – all of it optimized by Artificial Intelligence.

These airlines achieve a 360-degree view of their customers and use it strategically. How can your airline achieve such a deep understanding of individual passengers and prepare personalized offerings for them?


If yours is like most airlines, your customer data is likely stored in countless non-connected systems. And now you can finally connect them.


Compile data from multiple sales channels (online and offline; yours or third-party) into the same backend service and create a “single source of truth”.


Add other information from legacy systems, loyalty network, credit card data, the Web, social media and other available sources.


Use AI to study behaviours, trends, historical changes and other signs of your passengers’ potentially valuable preferences.


Then engage with your customers for selling, strategy planning, incident response, predictive analytics, and more.

In other words, implement our modular Single Customer View solution as your own customer-centric data platform.

Interact with your customers with personalized messages at, around and about:

What is our SCV offering?

It is a modular holistic solution, with up to four distinct project phases that our clients can choose from, that we then customize for their specific purposes.

Applying the Single Customer View solution will enable you to:

Treat your customers as unique

Reach them via many points of access

Differentiate them by needs, behaviour, and long-term value

Interact with them efficiently and cost-effectively

Gain their appreciation

Customize activities, offerings, or communication

For more details about SCV modules and benefits download our data sheet: