Self-care portals

Let us help you map customers’ lifecycles and manage their journeys from end to end.

Customers expect simple and easy service that's immediate. They want to be able to check their user accounts online, anytime, anywhere, without making a telephone call or going to a physical location, using only a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.

Our customer self-care portals enable you to deliver highly personalized content and empower your customers to remain in charge of their experience and interactions with your company.

Customer self-care portal features


  • Bill presentment
  • Bill history
  • Bill comparison
  • Disputes
  • Replenishment
  • Prepaid top-up
  • Reporting


  • Search & discovery
  • Guided experience
  • Shopping cart
  • Offers & bundles
  • Personalized offering
  • Order tracking
  • Current services updates

General services

  • Trouble ticket management
  • Order/problem tracking
  • Customer profile management
  • Search
  • Knowledge management
  • FAQ & troubleshooting

Comtrade’s Self-care Portal architecture offers

  • Omni channel capabilities
  • Crowd caring (blogs, forums, FAQs)
  • End-to-end process support
  • Online store
  • Standardized processes and cases
  • Integration with other applications

Our self-care portal features

Benefits of Comtrade's Self-Care Portals

  • 01

    Improved customer experience

  • 02

    Expanded offerings

  • 03

    Increased customer retention

  • 04

    Increased loyalty

  • 05

    Cost optimization