Public Transport

The Backbone Of Travel With Other Services Attached

Smart public transport enables Smart Cities

Public transportation is the backbone of national transportation systems. It’s essential to the quality of life of all citizens. It revitalizes businesses in remote areas, increases property values and enables new revenue streams. It alone has the capacity to move millions of people quickly and efficiently. Still, even public transportation must move with the times.

In smart cities, advanced technology is used to automatically and efficiently balance the many choices offered to citizens with the vast resources and infrastructure needed to deliver them. The first step in making cities smart is making the public transportation smart.

Smart public transport is...

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    Customer centered

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Public transport providers have an opportunity to integrate different transport options and provide travelers with the mobility that they need. Moreover, this mobility is not enabled merely from one station to another, but much more conveniently, from door to door.

Comtrade’s cloud-based digital platform seamlessly pools transportation options from different providers and integrates them into a single application for smart phones.