High-level control solutions driving innovation and revolutionizing postal sector

The number of physical letters has been dwindling ever since the invention of the internet, which – in theory – makes digitalisation the postal sector’s biggest adversary. It provides, however, also the tools necessary for an optimisation of processes that fosters a streamlined operation. Postal operators are well established companies, that can look back on centuries of trustworthy services. Investing in a digitally enabled physical supply chain is the logical step forward.

Biggest Trends in Parcel and Postal


Customers are prepared to pay significantly more if they can monitor their parcel’s journey. Additionally, it also permits interesting insights into delivery processes – is their efficiency maximised?

Sorting Automation

High-velocity sorters are replacing manual labour.


Sorting devices are becoming smarter and smarter – as a consequence, troubleshooting and informed decisions regarding logistical infrastructure are facilitated.