From car manufacturers to mobility providers

Car makers find value not in hardware, but in software & services

For decades, automakers have been on the safe side. They periodically improved their products and made them safer and faster. At the time, this strategy kept their customers’ needs satisfied. However, the disruptive innovations in mobility and the preferences of the new generations - so called digital natives - made OEM’S rethink their business model. Now they focus not only on manufacturing cars, but on providing mobility services.

Today, OEM’S strive to improve their technological acumen. They aim for an association of people, vehicles and service, enabled digitally. This will help them achieve sustainable mobility long-term.

This transformation from manufacturing assets to offering services requires a fundamentally different approach, which entails a changed company culture, values and organization.

Comtrade Digital Services is enabling OEM’s smooth transition from car makers into mobility providers, based on our command of the technology and processes needed for developing unconstrained mobility services.

Digital Platform for Mobility Services

Comtrade has developed a digital platform capable of supporting public and corporate car sharing, regular and electric cars, rent-a-car and shuttle services, along with other mobility solutions. All participants in the current disruption of our automotive ecosystem should take note that this platform has been in use as of early July 2016, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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