Entire world is going digital – logistics too


With the boom of e-commerce and a push for shorter delivery times, logistics companies face a major challenge: how to improve their efficiency and productivity while supply chains are becoming ever more complex. Following the emergence of digital platforms, which are tightly connected to logistics, the entire industry is faced with the inevitable – its digital transformation.

Digitization, automation and innovative use of technology are key in speeding up this process. At the same time, leveraging data and its metrics offers useful transparency. In the context of digital transformation, all of this together is the groundwork for new business models.

In order to optimize, integrate, automate and manage the logistical flow of information and goods within a warehouse, companies need sophisticated technology and systems, powered by logistics automation software.


    As they adopt these trends, distribution centers and warehouses face several challenges, namely:

  • Lack of standardized communication protocols
  • High complexity of integration of solutions from different vendors
  • Balancing higher productivity with increased complexity in the supply chain, as new business models focus on end-users’ demands
  • Accuracy of inventory - the operation and the efficiency of any warehouse are only as good as the data that underpins it

Comtrade develops advanced software and delivers innovative intralogistics, distribution center and warehouse solutions. We help clients streamline their warehouse operations to run faster, easier and more reliably.

Our approach entails

Cloud technologies

Our Cloud Warehouse Management solutions are Software-as-a-Service

Streamlined processes

We automate human interaction with new technologies - augmented reality, voice control and more

Big data analytics

Enhanced planning and replenishment and sophisticated inventory systems streamline the supply chain

We are experts in logistics software development

We specialize in delivery of reliable, scalable and configurable intralogistics software solutions. Our experience and expertise enable us to assess your operations, develop a solution tailored to your needs and merge it seamlessly with your systems.

We engage in Open Innovation

When it comes to software development, we don’t just offer traditional outsourcing services. Instead, we establish strategic partnerships based on Open Innovation. We collaborate closely with your team and contribute our knowledge and expertise at every stage of the process, to accelerate innovation and help you generate greater value.

We work with you from start to finish

We take the time to understand and analyze your business and warehouse environment. We assess your operations, determine if your current processes are compatible with the new technology and then develop a software solution based on your unique business needs.

We have all your needs covered

We help you automate and optimize warehouse management and warehouse control processes, from receiving to shipping.

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