IoT and
Predictive Analytics

Supporting businesses to transform digitally using the IoT

The pace of digital transformation is increasing every year. One of key drivers of this acceleration is the vast potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The amounts of data sourced today from various connected devices every second far surpass the wildest dreams that businesses have had less than a decade ago. How to gather data is no longer the main question. The key challenge now is how to efficiently collect, analyze and convert data into actionable insights.

Growing pains and prospects for growth

Organizations seeking to drive business growth through adopting the IoT currently face various challenges, including multiple standards and protocols, data security & privacy issues, as well as regulatory demands. It can be a tough journey.

Despite these impediments, the IoT offers companies a chance to gain enormous competitive advantage – provided they use the right solutions.


At Comtrade Digital Services, we build custom end-to-end IoT solutions for different industries, in open- or closed-source environment. We use pre-developed building blocks, resulting in a record time-to-market.  

What Makes Our IOT Offering Stack Unique


We build exactly what is needed - no more and no less


Our pre-developed building blocks substantially shorten time-to-market


We readily contribute to open source, having many years of experience with commercial solutions


We bring experience gained through numerous software engineering projects in various industries