Assisto for Insurance

A white-label conversational platform for the insurance industry

The insurance sector, like other traditional industries, faces significant change. Business models everywhere need to react to threats and opportunities brought on by the new digital world. Those companies that adapt to this change the fastest are likely to stay ahead of the pack. But how to do more with less?

Meet Assisto
Your Digital Insurance Agent

Assisto is a powerful tool that taps the power of instant messaging platforms to enhance the way companies interact with their customers and staff. It uses algorithms to conduct business transactions with a light-hearted tone and resolve customer issues fast – a completely personal and empathetic approach with far less human interaction.

1. Assisto is a digital tool for customer self-care which will greatly enhance your interaction with existing and new clients
2. Through automated responses to certain customer needs, it improves your process management and frees up time and resource, allowing you to concentrate on growing your client base and insurance volume.

Assisto – An Engaging Self-care Solution

A conversational platform built for key instant messaging platforms, Assisto is a highly secure technology that continues to take care of your customers and fulfills multiple roles long after you leave the office.

Onboarding Assistant

New insurance policies

Claim Manager

Policy overview, automatic renewal and extension of policies

My Insurance

Car / Home / Health / Life / Legal / Travel

Help Desk

Service request

Productivity Enhancements

Assisto is designed to handle multiple customer requests automatically and thus free up brokers to take care of even greater client numbers. It brings:

  • Improvements in customer care and automatic renewals process
  • Automatic protocol generation, ensuring accuracy and transparency
  • Ability to expand client portfolios, resulting in higher commissions
  • Less dependence on staffing / lower personnel overheads

By integrating the Instant Messaging platform with the Customer Engagement platform, we can track all customer requests using the back-office application. This ensures fast, simple and responsive closing of requests and communication with your customers.

Setup Side-by-side With Existing IT systems

Unique Approach to Digital Transformation

Comtrade Digital Services is a provider of strategic software engineering services and solutions. We enable companies across different industries to innovate faster and reinvent their business models digitally, by using agile development methodologies, innovative technology and business acumen.

With more than 25 years of experience and domain knowledge, we will apply our proven approach to digital transformation so you can focus on what matters: your business.