Fraud Detection and Monitoring

Protect your business through our ECB-compliant, flexible, self-learning system.

Fraud Detection System that works in big data as well

Keep your systems and customer data safe with our fraud detection and prevention solution. It enables you to identify and block suspicious activities and attempts, before they can endanger your business.

Comtrade has implemented a Fraud Detection and Monitoring system in many industries, such as banking, gaming and insurance. Its ability to detect fraud patterns based on data streams and transactions relies on business intelligence and advanced algorithms.


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    Compliant with the recommendations of the European Central Bank (ECB)

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    Enables a proactive approach to fraud prevention

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    Single solution serves all market channels

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    Flexible - allows for business rules to be expanded by the customer

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    Incorporates advanced self-learning

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    Deployed internally, so data is not shared with third parties

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    Developed according to high security standards

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    Competitive pricing

Why the Fraud Detection System (FDS)?

Owing to the growing volume of transactions, it is increasingly more difficult to identify fraud by conventional methods and via data analysis. At the same time, it is no longer reasonable to expect that end-users will be able to defend themselves against more and more sophisticated types of fraud attempts. And in most cases, providers of financial services are legally responsible for fraud damages, which increases the cost of doing business.

The Comtrade Fraud Detection System is structured so that it ensures maximum protection of your business. Your infrastructure can be protected at the lowest level of the system. On top of that, FDS offers an additional, non-interfering level of protection for end users. It also ensures automatic data gathering and analysis.

Best of all, Comtrade’s FDS continuously learns from past incidents, which enables it to steadily improve its fraud detection ability.


Some of the fraud examples that we can prevent:

  • Unauthorized ebanking payments, generated by banking trojans
  • Car-insurance customer fraud cases (arranged car incident)
  • Under-age person attempting to access online gambling

How we do it

Everywhere where you have big data, you have the possibility of fraud. Comtrade FDS can be adapted to any industry you are working in. It scans every transaction and, based on a certain rule or history, it evaluates the safety of each transaction and takes one of the following actions:

  • No/Low risk – it allows it through
  • Challenge – users need to be challenged with stronger authentication methods
  • Delay – transaction should be delayed and manually inspected
  • Deny – transaction should be denied (if this is legal in your country).
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