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Smart Solutions For Energy & Utility Companies

Smart Solutions for Energy & Utility Companies

Much more than energy travels along our power lines than ever before. Data about energy production, distribution and consumption floods our global grid. Energy producers and traders, resellers and distributors, analysts and planners, even politicians, and above all the consumers – everyone wants to know when and where energy is used, or wasted.

This demand makes utilities link their metering products into intelligent grids, coupled with powerful software able to process all that data. Such Meter Data Management software and its jam-free work are critical for the utilities’ bottom line. This is why our expertise with software development, testing and scaling makes Comtrade Digital Services a relevant player in the energy sector.


  • Smart metering
  • Smart grids
  • Asset-management
  • Aging assets
  • Workforce
  • Metering and billing systems
  • Communication/Networking
  • Data acquisition, manipulation and back-up
  • Big data analysis and security
  • Business process management and optimization

A Testing Lab For Large Data Processing

Our value so far has already been recognized by some of the world’s most renowned global suppliers for utility companies in the area of Meter Data Management (MDM) as well as by regional transmission and distribution companies in the area of business process management, optimization and automation.

Our client Itron provides intelligent metering, data collection, and utility software solutions for energy and water industries to nearly 8,000 utilities worldwide. We can test your metering and data processing systems too and recommend improvements of their performance. Call us today, let us know your specfic needs.

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