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The greatest problem in digital banking today is almost philosophical – finding stable solutions to fluid problems and ever-changing demands. You need to meet increasing regulation, build new tools on conflicting legacy systems, serve Millennias and non-Millennials alike and follow your customers where they are – online. It sounds impossible. But it is possible. Comtrade Digital Services has vast experience in developing digital banking solutions – 25 years. Along the way, we also grew our ability to customize them to financial institutions’ changing needs.

First and foremost, we fully meet all regulatory demands (PSD2 included). We make sure our digital solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. We built a new digital payment ecosystem that caters to everyone, Millennials included, and goes beyond traditional and mobile banking. We address and solve all challenges digital banking is facing today.


Take your business to where your customers are – to chatbots

Instant messaging platforms will transform banking relationships in very significant ways, from improving customer service to allowing users to send money to others through chat apps. Banks can use the same apps to help people get access to their banking services and to easily acquire new customers.

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Zing mobile app was designed to enable quick and simple management of money. Through integration of social networks with mobile banking, Comtrade Zing opens up a new channel of communication between banks and their customers, and new opportunities for generating revenues.

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  • Reach new customers
  • Increase loyalty
  • Seize market opportunities
  • Extend your ecosystem
  • All-day banking
  • P2P/P2M payments
  • Cross-selling platform
  • Adapted to Millennials


  • Seamless usage
  • P2P/P2M payments
  • Integrated loyalty
  • Instant transfer
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Fun & Social


Comtrade Banknote is digital banking solution that meets your customers’ demands for fast, convenient and personalized banking services. At the same time, it provides you with valuable insights into your clients’ banking habits.

Solution that grows with the bank

  • Developed in collaboration with banks
  • Entirely adaptable to a bank’s requirements
  • Full-featured functionality
  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Telephone banking (call center)
  • Information terminal
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Built-in demanding security standards
  • Ability to connect them to all core banking solutions
  • Integrated with social media

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    Instant Messaging Banking

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    Banking For Facebook

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    Electronic Banking Solution

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    Mobile Banking Solution

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    New Payment Ecosystem


Backbase platform

Backbase’s Digital-First Banking Platform powers seamless customer experiences, unifying data and functionality from core banking systems and innovative fintech partners.

To provide the best customer experience on the market we rely on advance software tools, proven methodology, and the best digital banking software providers. Our partnership with Backbase brings an omni-channel platform for managing and advancing your customer experience. On any device. At any time.

Being the ’Backbase Regional Partner of the Year’, our team of experts, working in line with the Backbase methodology that passed all QA processes, ensures you launch into the new era of e-banking. Effective collaboration with our thorough knowledge of organization, banking regulation, and processes delivers a seamless integration, so you stay ahead of the market.



What is Backbase platform?


Digital banking software solution that merges data and functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech players into a seamless, digital customer experience.

Widget driven design

  • Modular UX lego
  • Run Everywhere
  • UX design system


Open Banking Architecture

Backbase provides an API-driven open banking platform with a set of digital banking capabilities that let you streamline superior omnichannel customer interactions. It provides the logic to enable channel specific functionality, data persistence, and cross channel/cross business services orchestration.

This all to streamline high-performance omnichannel experiences with rich and interactive data and functionality that normally wouldn’t be available directly from the core banking or back-end systems.