Digital Banking Services

Adapt your legacy IT systems and match new technologies to your needs.

Today, especially in banking, everything is digital and offered to customers as a service. But  simple user interfaces hide complex technology in the background. Ready-made software, custom-made software, software controlling other software – all this requires people who can make it function seamlessly and exactly to specificaton.

We have just such people and we offer their services to you. Comtrade Digital Services performs a wide range of software development, system integration, solution consulting and implementation services for a wide range of banking and financial services clients.

Comtrade Digital Services provides a full scope of services, from consulting and solution design, to implementation and testing. We can help you adapt your existing IT systems and connect new, innovative technologies into your environment, so you can deliver fast, personalized and mobile services to your customers.


Comtrade Digital Services specializes in developing payment systems for banks, large multinational financial companies and government institutions.


We have successfully delivered and implemented hundreds of solutions, implementation and integration projects in the areas of online portals, online stores/web shops, SMS/MMS messaging, value-added services, mobile payments, mobile ticketing, contact centers, help desks, core infrastructure, billing, CRM, infrastructure monitoring and more.


Our experience and expertise in application development and system integration are repeatedly proven, in multi-vendor and multi-platform environments. From planning and design stages, all the way to integration, maintenance and support, we provide a range of services for clients in the financial sector.


As part of our consulting service, we can help you tap the latest business trends. Let us guide you in gamification to drive sales opportunities and revenue. Build strong online relationships and appeal to the new generations of customers by providing gamified applications. Our experts can help you create and implement gamification solutions that integrate with your existing processes and open up new sales and customer engagement opportunities, at a low cost.

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