Digital Banking Security

Use our digital banking tools, compliant with the highest security standards.

At Comtrade, we take information security very seriously and this belief is built into all solutions and services that we offer. Security is the pillar of all digital banking work that we do.


Keep your systems and your customers’ data safe with Comtrade’s Fraud Detection System. Our fraud detection and prevention solution for banks and financial institutions enables you to identify and block suspicious activities and attempts effectively.

FDS solution highlights:

  • Proactive monitoring and notification system
  • Multi-channel support
  • Compliance with ECB regulations
  • Learning based on user activity
  • Faster detection of suspicious and fraudulent transactions
  • Optional automated triggering of additional transaction confirmations
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Our solution for securely signing and verifying electronic signatures operates across all points, wherever it may be necessary to use or verify an electronic signature. It supports a broad range of environments and platforms and electronic signature formats.

Supported standards and protocols:

  • XML-Signature Syntax and Processing (W3C)
  • XML Advanced Electronic Signatures – XAdES (W3C)
  • XML Canonicalization (W3C)
  • RFC 3161 – Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Time-Stamp Protocol (client)
  • Client for Entrust(R) Verification Service Time Stamping


Comtrade Authentication Server is a cost-effective way to centralize authentication and identity management processes for multiple applications.

Configurable policies enable you to assign different credential types to users, such as passwords, one-time passwords or PKI certificates. Single sign-on for web applications is supported as well.

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Enhance the quality and security of your customers’ online banking experience with mToken, a software solution for mobile devices that strengthens user authentication via a one-time passwords generation system.

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