Design and Implementation

Use our secure, ready-made tools as building blocks of your advanced digital system.

Build a Secure System With Us!

We build secure systems at competitive prices and make sure they work with ease.

We use a number of practices and patterns: high-level risk assessment, threat modeling/detailed risk assessments, secure design and coding, penetration testing, application security incident handling, employee awareness and trainings.

Our security expertise

  • Secure software development
  • Identity and access management
  • Software defined perimeter
  • Digital signatures including secure code-signing solutions

Our products include

  • Authentication Server
  • Mobile one time password soft-token
  • Digital signature library and toolkit.


Authentication Server

Comtrade Authentication Server is a cost-effective way to centralize authentication and identity management process for multiple applications. Configurable policies enable you to assign different credential types to users, such as passwords, one-time passwords or PKI certificates. Single sign-on for web applications is supported.


2013 United Nations Public Service Award – 1st place

Comtrade was awarded this distinction in 2013, by the United Nations, for its implementation of the Authentication Server at the Ministry of the Interior & Public Administration of Slovenia. The solution received the 1st place in the category of Reusable IT building blocks for electronic data exchange – implemented for e-Social security. Read more


One-time password generator for additional security

Enhance the quality and security of your customers’ online banking experience with mToken, a software solution for mobile devices that strengthens user authentication by generating one-time passwords.



  • with two-factor authentication, a smartphone turns into a strong user-authentication device
  • users need no additional hardware
  • the solution is compliant with pertinent regulation
  • small and medium companies also find it cost-effective

Replace handwritten signature
with a digital one

In more formal environments, substituting handwritten signatures with their electronic versions becomes part of the digital transformation. Our solution for securely signing and verifying electronic signatures operates at all points, wherever it may be necessary to use or verify an electronic signature. It supports a broad range of environments and platforms and electronic signature formats.



  • Represents a legal equivalent of handwritten signatures in digital environments compliant with regulation
  • Maintains the record of approval
  • Prevents changes to signed data later in time
  • Ensures authenticity of signatures and preserves records
  • With time-stamping, keeps proof that certain signed data existed at a certain time
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