Customer Engagement Platform

Use our platform to strategically improve results, working with your best allies - loyal customers.

Our customer engagement platform matches proactive, connected customers with a brand you specify, over the entire duration of their relationship. To prevent erosion of their loyalty, it introduces new concepts, such as gamification and other tactics, to help you nurture that bond strategically.

How can our platform help you
successfully plan and execute
your Customer Engagement Strategy?

Advantages of Comtrade’s
Customer Engagement Platform

Highly Modular

We use Microservices and DevOps modalities to provide the most flexible solution for different needs of our clients.

Deployable Everywhere

We designed our platform so it can be deployed in Cloud, OnPrem or in a Hybrid environment.

Great UX

By using a customer-first approach, we were able to provide exceptional user experience, both on mobile devices and on regular computers.

Easily Connectable

Our solution can be integrated and connected with any kind of third-party of custom-made software, by using our APIs.

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