Entrust the migration of your resources, data or services to experienced cloud providers.

In recent years, Comtrade increasingly relies on cloud services, as the cloud often better suits the needs of our customers. We use the cloud in both IaaS and PaaS modes, depending on specific project needs, and have accumulated in-depth experience developing and running applications on relevant platforms.

Cloud Platforms and Applications

Our teams are skilled in designing, implementing and running robust and scalable solutions on most major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as OpenStack. We increasingly use cloud technology and applications, which enables us to reduce both implementation and operational costs and provides our customers with the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing results in a substantially different risk landscape compared to on-premises computing. Comtrade has developed a number of approaches to meet the governance, security and compliance requirements when migrating from on-premise solutions to the cloud, or when starting in the cloud from scratch.

These approaches are field-tested, both within Comtrade itself and with our valued customers. We also provide consulting (technical and management) and penetration testing services.


While cloud computing holds an enormous advantage in its sharing of resources and its costs and efforts split across different domains and territories, it is not entirely free from its terrestrial roots. And in our land-locked world, firm boundaries set by frontiers, treaties and regulations can offset some of those valuable savings.

This is why any project of migration of resources, data or services to the cloud should be entrusted to experienced cloud providers, who will ensure full compliance with changing data storage and data transfer rules, including GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield. With offices across the EU and the US, we at Comtrade very closely follow the developments in this arena and react instantly to any new stipulation issued.