A customer focused innovative solution for secure and data sensitive sectors


Chatbots are powerful tools which can greatly enhance the way companies interact with their customers and staff.

One-to-one messaging now dominates Social Media with Instant messaging platforms representing the top 5 most widely used apps.  Thanks to the trust built up by these platforms and the recent availability of public accounts, technology now allows companies to use this trend to approach customers in the guise of personalities, as chatbots.

Whether based on predefined logic or artificial intelligence, chatbots are everywhere. These conversational algorithms can report on any topic and subject, personalized to each individual user. Consequently, this powerful tool can be adopted by any industry seeking to enhance the client interaction.

We all want human interaction and real time feedback!

We are by nature social beings and enjoy friendly communication. Yet in our fast-paced lives, we expect instant feedback. We require immediate assistance and knowledge to help us through the day.

Chatbots are a technological extension of these basic requirements. In the impatient world in which we live, it is no wonder that chatbots have quickly made their way into lives.

Customers are kings. Aren’t they?

Thanks to technology, every customer is treated like royalty. We listen to our unique playlists, get to browse only topics we like and routinely expect a prompt response and perfect service. But what about when we travel, have to make a bank transaction, visit a doctor, or buy insurance? Until now, many of these things are difficult to accomplish quickly, often require scheduling, numerous steps and form filling - all of which leads to a general frustrating experience.

Assisto to the rescue

Traditional thinking around security-sensitive industries is that there is too much at stake and too much to resolve to introduce disruptive innovation.

Challenges relating to sensitive data, security and compliance, and complexity of the legacy IT infrastructure are all reasons for not taking innovative steps.

The reality is that the technology behind chatbots can overcome these complexities and provide a brand new approach to customer experience and service. Our friendly, obliging, social, swift and convenient chatbot can reinvent the way these sectors relate with customers. Meet Assisto!

Assisto is our white-label chatbot technology, which can support any customer services-related vertical

Unlike DIY chatbot platforms, Assisto is designed specifically for integration with security-sensitive systems

It can also serve as a digital concierge, capable of enhancing typical customer service functions

Assisto enables organizations to offer

  • Business transactions with a light-hearted tone
  • Rapid resolution of customer issues and with less human effort
  • The best of both worlds: human and machine intelligence in one solution
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