From traditional car-renting to car-sharing services

Optimizing fleet and gaining a new revenue stream

Worldwide, and especially in the big cities, car ownership is being replaced by various services. This is due not just to financial benefits and convenience, but also to restrictions introduced in different cities (limited access to urban cores for privately owned cars etc.)

In this transition, car rental companies have a great opportunity to create new revenue streams. They can use their car fleet to offer car-sharing or shuttle services to existing users and to all those who need cars for short periods of time. Car-sharing model enables customers to find a car nearby, book it, pay for it, and, in some cases, open it – all with just a smart phone.

This seamless – easy and fun – transaction is enabled entirely by technology, which has made it possible for people to conduct all kinds of transactions never before feasible.


Digital Platform for Mobility Services

Comtrade has developed a digital platform capable of supporting public and corporate car sharing, regular and electric cars, rent-a-car and shuttle services, along with other mobility solutions. It is in use in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, as of July 2016.