Automated Warehouse

In warehouse automation, most of the "heavy lifting" is done ahead and with only fingers - on keyboards of software developers

Creating an effective and efficient automated warehouse system is a demanding job that requires advanced domain knowledge and thorough technology expertise. At Comtrade Digital Services, we are fully equipped to help our partners develop and implement various elements of warehouse automation systems.


  • Dock-door management
  • Unloading, receiving/decanting, quality check and putaway of received goods into their storage locations


  • Order-related (executed upon an order)
  • Automatic (executed as soon as the stock level in a pickup area falls under a predefined threshold)

Order planing

  • Backward termination (calculation of the latest commissioning start point)
  • Order release (selection of to-be-planned orders)
  • Stock allocation (allocation from pickup areas, using either housekeeping or one-hit strategy)
  • Packaging/volumetrics (calculating the optimal number of resulting units, considering defined mixing restrictions)
  • Order start (commissioning start of previously calculated units)


Order picking – also known as order fulfillment – is the process of retrieving products from storage in order to meet a specific customer demand. Processing orders rapidly and accurately immediately improves customer satisfaction.

Selecting the best order-picking solution depends on the requirements of individual operations and products. Our experience and expertise in designing and implementing these systems takes into consideration such criteria as volume and item velocity.

Automated order-picking systems can

increase productivity by up to 1,000 lines per man-hour

improve picking accuracy by up to 99.99%

help to deliver higher customer service levels

optimize space utilization by up to 40% (compared to conventional warehouses)