Assisto for Airlines

An intuitive conversational Chatbot for all travelers

It’s time for change!

Assisto for Airlines is an instant messaging based solution which helps link your own services to local partners at origin and destination, thereby supporting your traveler’s needs from door to door.

Our Assisto for Airlines starter pack

How does that benefit the modern traveler?

Digitally engaged

Today’s consumers are always-on, communicating mainly over social networks and trusting their digital media community and its members’ opinions.


They are well informed about digital technology, the latest trends and their potential


The consumers are impulsive and spontaneous, they don't plan very far ahead; but at the same time, they are very strict and quite demanding towards the services they consume.

What does that mean for Airlines?

  • It is getting increasingly hard to retain the loyalty of customers
  • Social media presence of brands is more important than ever before
  • Brand images are blurring, as the focus of customers’ attention shifts towards quality of service alone
  • Ancillary revenues are driving the success more than the traditional sources of income
  • New touchpoints with customers need to be established in an environment where the users feel comfortable, such as social media, messaging and voice
  • The Answer: Chatbots!

  • 01

    Give your airline a unique voice

  • 02

    Engage with your customers in their favored environment – the messaging platforms

  • 03

    Reconnect with your customers as individuals

  • 04

    Establish a new direct sales channel

  • 05

    Utilize up- and cross-selling potentials

  • 06

    Reach new customers and make them your passengers

  • 07

    Boost the user experience and customer satisfaction through personalization