A better, faster way of developing software

When competition is fierce and battleground unsteady, agility is key to survival. That’s why we implement Agile principles in software development, whenever appropriate, to deliver projects on time, on schedule and in line with our clients’ overall business strategies.


Volatile markets and constant influx of new technologies are changing the way businesses operate.  More effective processes are needed in software development.


70% of our projects are carried out using Agile methodology


Software development is becoming increasingly complex. The scope of software projects is changing all the time. Fundamental dependencies are often unknown, unpredictable and rapidly changing.

Traditional management approach to software development is not suited for this new environment because:

  • It’s not flexible – developers cannot go back to previous stages and make changes
  • It relies heavily on initial requirements
  • It doesn’t take into account the customer’s evolving business needs
  • It doesn’t involve the customer in every step of the project
  • The product is only tested when the project is completed


With over 25 years of experience and many complex projects successfully implemented, we have a deep understanding of software methodologies and of the challenges businesses face today.

We have embraced Agile principles early on and have to date carried out about 70% of all projects using this methodology. Our experience and expertise enable us to apply the Agile approach correctly, to deliver software solutions faster and to a higher degree of client satisfaction.

Advantages we bring:

  • Our deep knowledge of software methodologies and Agile specifics
  • Our flexibility with processes and team setup
  • Our extensive experience and maturity
  • Our full grasp of our target markets, a work culture compatible with theirs and development models that inspire trust

  • 01

    Fosters transparency

  • 02

    Ensures early and predictable delivery

  • 03

    Enables predictable costs and schedule

  • 04

    Allows for change

  • 05

    Focuses on the customer and on business value

  • 06

    Improves product quality

  • 07

    Promotes stakeholder engagement