An open digital platform for reaching individual airline passengers with custom-made advertising campaigns

Ancillary revenues are increasingly providing financial stability to airlines across the globe. Seeking to stabilize that revenue source further, we have developed Adnexa as a customizable digital platform for airlines and advertisers, which neatly matches the advertisers’ specific target audiences to the various passenger profiles of the airline.

Adnexa offers a transparent bidding mechanism where the advertiser can select its passenger segments and choose routes; these are then matched with anonymized passenger data provided by the airline. Once the advert is approved and the bid submission successful, the process is fully automated. It makes use of all potential channels – booking portals, boarding passes, in-flight entertainment etc. – to maximize the desired reach.

Adnexa is open on the demand side, i.e. it makes an airline’s entire inventory available to any interested advertiser willing to bid for finely targeted travelers’ attention.

Adnexa for airlines

Adnexa maximizes your ancillary potential by turning passenger data into profit, in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Integration

Adnexa integrates with your airline’s inventory & central reservation systems. Thus it knows who travels when, where and whether for business or leisure.

Step 2: Customization

The airline chooses how these passengers will be addressed. You select the channels for ads – the printed/mobile boarding pass, your web page, the confirmation emails, your mobile app etc.

Step 3: Ad Approval

The airline screens and filters the ads that the advertisers submit. You can vary and fine-tune your preferences as needed to control the type of content your passengers get exposed to.

Step 4: Monitoring & Reporting

You can monitor which ads are being shown to your passengers and how much revenue your airline gets per impression. This then directly translates into total revenue from ads, shown as earnings per day / week / month.