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Primary Healthcare

As part of Slovenia’s national e-Health project, Comtrade and the Association of Health Institutions of Slovenia developed IRIS, a new health information system for primary healthcare. IRIS enables remote management of electronic health records for one third of the population in the healthcare system. More than a quarter of healthcare personnel in primary healthcare use it daily. It is installed at five health centers and ten concessionaires.

By using the latest technologies, we’ve developed a secure and cost- efficient solution. The system streamlines the oversight of the patients’ overall health status. It also helps increase the productivity of healthcare personnel. Its support for monitoring and evaluating all processes allows the personnel to treat individual patients and to manage outpatient clinics.

e-Health Project

Good healthcare is vital in all countries, especially in the EU. Strategically, it is defined as a blend of quality care, system productivity and easy access to services. In practice, healthcare administrators and personnel rely on complex IT solutions and tools to meet these goals daily.

Slovenia, as other EU countries, pursues a number of projects aimed at improving public services. The national e-Health project focuses on implementing effective and flexible IT support to healthcare personnel and administrations.

Comtrade is a key partner in the development of the national e-Health project. The company has successfully developed primary healthcare solution (IRIS system) and the national integration solution.


The solution for electronic prescribing and dispensing of medication supports the entire process from prescribing to dispensing medication and replaces the existing paper-based system. This is a nation-wide solution, developed for the Ministry of Health of Slovenia and in collaboration with software developers of solutions used to prescribe and dispense medication.

Comtrade has developed key parts of the system (Integration Component, Security Scheme, and Patient Portal) and integrated the solution with the existing healthcare information system for primary healthcare (IRIS), which has been in operation since 2009.

It offers important benefits to all users. Patients enjoy the simplified procedures and reduced risks; the practitioners welcome the reduction of the administrative burden; pharmacies save time and reduce errors; the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia gets more control over the costs covered by insurance and curbs fraud, while the healthcare institutions at the national level gain valuable information for nation-wide tracking, statistics, regulatory procedures, analysis and research in the field of medication consumption.


ePostman is a solution for a quick and secure exchange of electronic medical records (e-Documents) between hospitals and microbiological laboratories.
We developed it in line with e-Health 2010, the developmental strategy for the national health information system. The goal was to optimize the exchange of documents and enable the standardization of healthcare e-Records.

Comtrade’s ePostman solution enables the secure exchange of microbiological tests’ e-orders and e-reports between hospitals and laboratory information systems.
The solution is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and includes key components required to ensure security. It enables quick and secure exchange of standardized HL7 v3 messages.

ePostman is the first example of the standardization of medical documentation exchange between healthcare service providers at the national level in Slovenia.