Artifical Intelligence

Avoid the hype and bypass the growing pains of AI.

At Comtrade Digital Services, we bridge the gap between science, commercial solutions and practicality, to provide high impact solutions for your AI goals and objectives.

We balance the best practices from our AI partner network (research institutes and specialized AI companies) with our own renowned software engineering and solution delivery process.

Our approach turns AI and Data Science innovations into business advantages for our clients and industries we serve.

Our mission

We work to make AI research applicable in practice by harnessing the efforts of academia, think tanks and businesses.

Our goal

We aim to close the gap between the science of AI and its commercial business value.

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by experts from CERN, DIT, IBM and FCIS

Our approach

To stay on top of innovation, we use agile methodologies, such as SCRUM, in most of our software development projects. We are known for our ability to co-create solutions with our customers and deliver value to them fast.

This is not typical in AI. In line with its academic roots, this emerging field favors exploration over goals and depth over speed. Staying on the right track and inside set conditions can be a challenge in AI. On commercial projects, this is a problem.

That is why we at Comtrade Digital Services approach the delivery of AI projects in a unique way. We customize best practices from agile software development, such as data acquisition and preparation, model development, validation etc. and apply them to all stages of AI engineering.

The result is a performing, agile team that is able to respond to the recursive nature of AI, changing priorities and fluctuating needs of business.

  • Your path to achieving higher levels of AI capacity

  • 01

    Having a good practical understanding of where AI is today and what it can and cannot do for your business

  • 02

    Assessing your company’s operation and outlook and identifying opportunities through which it can benefit from AI

  • 03

    Offering a choice of quick wins to educate your business and IT teams about their roles in deploying AI

  • 04

    Choosing leadership-sponsored AI projects that commit the organization to self-transforming its processes and M.O. to fully leverage and rely on AI deliverables

  • 05

    Introducing a continuous measurement & evaluation process to ensure you apply lessons learned to any subsequent AI initiatives

  • 06

    Mobilizing stakeholders and bringing them on board before incrementally rolling out a full makeover of your business, enabled by AI