AI Consulting Services

Constant change in AI calls for frequent re-calibration

No matter what stage of AI maturity you are at – just reading about it, building a proof of concept or being in the middle of your first-generation AI deployment – we bring you solutions and resources to help you navigate through uncharted ground. That is why we designed our consulting services to address most of the situations you are likely to encounter when implementing your own AI initiative.

Our AI Consulting Services

Comtrade’s consulting services solve specific organizational, functional and architectural challenges businesses run into as they pursue AI initiatives.
Our solutions include:

Research Assessment

Providing access to latest innovations from research institutes and specialized AI companies, through our Research Assessment Service

AI Environment Setup

Establishing your first AI environment with the best-in-class, open-source and proprietary platforms to accelerate deployment of your pilot projects

Data Preparation

Assessing your existing data acquisition activities and determine effectiveness and value of your data sets that deep learning and neural networks will require.


Merging AI engineering and QA practices with software development methodologies (such as agile) and tailor the process to your particular circumstances

AI Sandbox

Managing the configuration of your AI sandbox using the best-in-class tools and services

Design & Data

Help your AI team with feature-set design and data classification