A unique way to collaborate

In AI engineering and research, new techniques and discoveries occur all the time. Finding information on the latest relevant innovations coming from scientific community and leading tech companies can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Getting access to the right knowledge can be tough, because the experts are scarce and hard to find. However, some of the most experienced scientific minds can now be accessed through our AI Collective.

What is the AI Collective?

The AI Collective is a formal partnership – a network of leading universities, institutes and specialized AI companies.

Through our network, we merge leading AI techniques, research and best practices with our own world-class commercial software development and make it all available to our clients.

The AI Collective is governed by its partners; its members work together to deliver commercial projects, actively share best practices, resources and case studies and collaborate on public and private research papers, to further the advancement of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of the Collective’s community.

Past, present and future publications on AI are available to our clients via the Collective.

  • Our AI Collective includes

  • 01

    250 Researchers and Scientists in the AI field

  • 02

    Knowledge and experience in over twenty AI-specific disciplines and technologies

  • 03

    R&D delivery capability to the tune of 1,000+ engineers

AI milestones in Slovenia